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Structured list

Structured lists group content that is similar or related, such as terms and definitions.


  • Row height varies based on content and can expand to fit multiple lines.
  • In a single list, all rows do not have to be the same height.
  • Column widths can either be equally proportional or proportioned based on content.
  • If a list extends past 25 items, consider using a data table to present this larger set of content.
  • A maximum of one paragraph of text is recommended per row.
  • Nesting items is not recommended, as structured lists are used to present simple data. If you have additional content that needs to be shown, consider using a data table, which supports nesting items.
Structured list to present definitions.


Structured lists can be single-select if a user is choosing between a set of options.


  • Only one item can be selected from the list.
  • By default, one option should be selected.
  • If you need to select multiple items, use a data table.
  • When the user selects an item from the list, the selected row will appear with the checkmark--filled icon.


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